At R.G.B. Classic Motorcycles we offer a wide range of motorcycle services, handling all models from Antique Motorcycles up to big inch late-model Twin Cams. Our full in-house machine shop services allow us to customize your engine with cylinder head porting, big bore cylinders, and crank shaft rebuilding to help you get the most out of your Twin Cam and all previous models.

We are an authorized Dynojet tuning center able to provide dyno testing and tuning. Custom fabrication, and antique restoration are just a few of the other services we offer. We handle all major brands of parts and accessories and carry a wide variety of tires to fit your motorcycle, R.G.B. Classic Motorcycles is also an Alberta Vehicle Inspection facility.


DynoR.G.B. Classic Motorcycles is an authorized Dynojet tuning center. Our dynojet technology enables us to diagnose and correct performance problems quickly and accurately. With our dynamometer, we can perform tuning, engine break-in, durability testing, and fuel injection mapping. We can also provide you with torque and horsepower graphs that show you what your engine is producing.dynojet

Cylinder Head Porting

flow bench3
Cylinder head porting is one of the services we offer. Good cylinder heads make all the difference in an engine build. All of our heads are flow tested to guarantee job quality. Our heads are assembled using all-new, top-quality components and also have compression releases installed.

Cylinder Kits

cylinderkitsWe offer big bore cylinders on an exchange basis for upgrading your 88″ to a 95″ or 97″ or your 96″ to a 103″ or 106″. Our cylinder kits come with top quality S&S forged pistons.